*Project Underway* Help complete the team: Craft an expansion strategy for a Bronx school 

The American Dream Charter School is a successful and unique middle school with a dual English/Spanish program focused on academic excellence that seeks support to develop expansion plans to create a high school

Project Inquiries | American Dream Charter School

Nonprofit: American Dream Charter School
The American Dream Charter School (ADCS) is located in the Bronx, and currently offers a unique dual language (English and Spanish) program for grades 6-8. ADCS’s mission is to develop academic excellence in both languages, preparing students to succeed in college. ADCS believes that it is important to cultivate an environment that resembles that of a ‘village’, where students, teachers, families, and the community are all active participants in the academic life of the school. Given demand among current students and their families, as well as the neighborhood at large, ADCS is planning to expand to serve grades 9-12 over the next several years. The school seeks Community Partners’ help with this expansion strategy.

Project: Expansion Strategy

ADCS needs support developing a strategy which expands the school from the current grades 6-8, into grades 6-12 over the next four years. The expansion strategy must address:

  • The role and development of the ADCS Board, as well as the roles of public and private stakeholders, in supporting the expansion strategy;
  • Capabilities, infrastructure and resources required to support the expansion; and
  • Measures of performance and metrics necessary to monitor the progress and success of the expansion.