*Volunteer Now* Brainstorm on Transitioning Management of Successful Nonprofit from Founders to New Board

Join a brainstorming session to discuss how to organize the Board and how to transition the oversight and operations of the nonprofit from the Founders to the Board.

Sign Up by January 19th| Project Inquiries | 5 Steps to Five

Nonprofit: 5 Steps to Five

5 Steps to Five, started in 2014 by Kent and Mary Alice Warner and Allen Clark, is a parenting program, coaching low-income, underserved parents and their  infants in groups with trained instructors, who model ways of interacting with the babies to build cognitive, verbal, emotional and social skills.  The goal: prepare these children for school, using the five steps – Nurture, Talk, Play, Read, Explore.  Parents are coached on the importance of being the child’s first and most important teachers – beginning at birth.

Project: Transitioning management from the Founders to the Board

The program is established and is ready to move to the next level. The Founders recruited a Board in fall 2017 to guide the nonprofit into the future. The purpose of the brainstorming is to discuss how to organize the Board and transition the operations from the Founders.


• Interested HBS alumni should sign up by January 19th at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/9F22S8H
• The brainstorming session will be held January 30th at the Rye Free Reading Room: 1061 Boston Post Rd, Rye, NY 10580.
• The brainstorming session will last approximately two hours, 7:00 – 9:00pm.
• Questions? Contact Project Coordinator Hal Kennedy ’84 at halkennedy1@gmail.com