*Volunteer Now* Help Plan the Future of StreetSquash’s Youth Enrichment Programs

StreetSquash would like assistance envisioning what it should look like in 2023.

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Nonprofit: StreetSquash

Founded in 1999 at the Harvard Club of New York and now the largest urban squash program in the United States, StreetSquash combines academic tutoring, squash instruction, community service, college preparation, leadership development, and mentoring for young people ages 11-24. What began as an after-school program with 24 middle school students and 2 staff members has expanded to serve nearly 300 participants, in Harlem and Newark, from 6th grade through college graduation and entry into the workforce.

Project: Planning for 2023

Join HBS alumni team to envision what StreetSquash should look like in 2023. Key goals include assessing:
• How to develop the next generation of leaders and start succession planning
• Potential changes in funding sources and board structure
• How to balance allocation of resources among Harlem, Newark, and any other potential locations
• Potential milestones on the way toward StreetSquash 2023


• Interested HBS alumni should sign up at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/JK32HK3.
• Time commitment approximately 10-15 hours per month for 3-4 months.
• Questions? Contact Project Coordinator: Andrew Silbiger, MBA ’96, andrew.silbiger@americatogo.com