*Volunteer Now* Brainstorm about the Future of Smart Cities and Urban Design with Terreform ONE

Join a brainstorming session to help a nonprofit urban design/research group develop and evaluate the best options to fund future growth.

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Nonprofit: Terreform ONE (Open Network Ecology)

Terreform ONE is an award-winning, nonprofit urban design think tank that promotes ecological design in cities. Their research and design initiatives aim to illuminate the environmental possibilities of cities around the world. They are a unique laboratory of specialists with diverse disciplinary backgrounds who explore and advance socio-ecological design. The group develops innovative concepts and technologies for local sustainability in energy, transportation, infrastructure, buildings, waste treatment, food, and water. These novel research endeavors are derived from the interface of technology, design, and synthetic biology.

Project: Funding Expansion and Growth

Terreform ONE has a reputation for innovative research, exploring socio-ecological design. Our mission is to design for a global future
that uses technology to promote ecological and social wellbeing. To date funding had come through grants, corporate sponsorships,
and educational forums. Terreform ONE has ambitions to broaden its platform and seeks recommendations for how we might diversify
and expand our funding. During the workshop we have 2 goals:

  • Identify a highly predictable core funding model to sustain our operating expenses.
  • Recommend strategies to identify additional revenue streams or a secondary, less predictable model to support our research and development efforts