Sector Focus

Our work is organized and managed by four Sector Focus Committees, staffed with alumni volunteers with extensive experience leading Community Partners projects.

Arts and Culture           Education          Environment and Health         Social Services

Arts and Culture Committee
Joan Cheng, MBA 2002
James Fincher, MBA 2003

Camille Kubie, MBA 2004
Cornelius Marx, MBA 1967, Co-Chair
John O’Donnell, MBA 1977
Barry Puritz, MBA 1965, Co-Chair

The Arts and Culture Committee connects alumni with the vibrant cultural scene of New York City through opportunities to strengthen organizations offering dance, music, theatre and museum experiences. We have served a broad spectrum of organizations of all sizes involved in the performing arts, visual arts, cross-cultural awareness and arts education. The diversity of our projects is reflected in the wide range of alumni who volunteer with us.

Education Committee
Charley Beever, MBA 1978
Leo Corbett, MBA 1975, Co-Chair
Meg Langan , MBA, 1992
Efrem Sigel, MBA 1968
Darren Sumter, MBA 1995

Jessica Ziegler, MBA 1984, Co-Chair 

The Education Committee provides alumni the chance to apply their passion for education towards strengthening schools and an array of organizations delivering educational services, supplemental educational programs, and other offerings that support educational missions. The breadth of our project work has included growth and strategic challenges that appeal to alumni with interests in traditional and non-traditional learning environments.

Environment and Health Committee 
Richard Kane, MBA 1968, Co-Chair
Chloe Kiernan, MBA 2008
Andrew Silbiger, MBA 1996
Jeff Smith, MBA 1970
Cathy Stephenson, MBA 1990, Co-Chair

The Environment and Health Committee provides opportunities for alumni to help protect and enhance our environment and to become a healthier society. Environmental organizations with which we have worked include those addressing energy and water usage, emissions and waste, and safeguarding the City’s lands and waters. Other nonprofits we have assisted have focused on strengthening community health, addressing issues such as prevention, early detection and treatment of diseases, healthy aging, nutrition, and active lifestyles.

Social Services Committee
Lisa Goldman, MBA 1995
Sunsy Hong, MBA 2005
Hal Kennedy, MBA 1984, Co-Chair
Calvin Mew PMD 48, 1984, Co-Chair
William J. Meurer, MBA 1990
Holly Zimmerman, MBA 1992

The Social Services Committee unites alumni with nonprofits that offer vital social services to those in need. Our client organizations deal with matters that include youth development, homelessness, legal aid, women’s issues, domestic violence, and poverty. In addition to our work with organizations focused on the Greater New York area, we have organized projects for nonprofits based locally whose impact is global.