Get Involved

We create volunteer opportunities that have a lasting impact and make use of the range of skill sets alumni have to offer. Our projects, which are primarily of two types as outlined below, are strategic in nature and address a variety of challenges on the part of non-profits, including marketing, fundraising, strategic planning, and governance.

Traditional Consulting

Consulting engagements follow a procedure familiar to HBS alumni: identify the problem, gather facts, consider alternatives and offer recommendations.

  • Comprehensive project, lasting approximately three or four months
  • Usually involves a team of three to seven or more HBS alumni,  including a volunteer team leader working with the Executive Director and key staff members of the non-profit
  • Includes multiple meetings between the Community Partners team and the non-profit, and independent work, as required, with individual non-profit staff members
  • The team will work closely with the non-profit to develop a project plan and schedule, and present their work at interim meetings and in a final report of findings and recommendations

Short-Term Brainstorming

  • A short-term, high-energy approach starting with an initial two- or three-hour brainstorming session and up to two follow-up meetings, as required
  • Involves a team of HBS alumni volunteers committed to generating breakthrough discussion and actionable recommendations
  • Focuses on a single, clearly-defined problem or a group of related issue
  • Can lead to a traditional consulting project