Why Volunteer?

Why Alumni Volunteer with UsHBS alumni are drawn to Community Partners for different reasons. Many volunteer so that they can get involved with a cause they’re passionate about. Others look to us to help them connect with fellow alumni and build their social and professional networks. But rather than us explaining why alumni get involved, we figured we’d let them speak for themselves…

I have participated in several Community Partners consulting projects and have found all to be very rewarding. They provide HBS volunteers with the opportunity to apply their skills in new settings and… share their broad collective experiences to help community-based organizations in tangible ways.

— Susan Berger, MBA ’97

Very rewarding experience – helped a great organization advance and learned from everyone.

— Joahne Carter, MBA ’02

Our group had volunteers who graduated from HBS in 6 different decades which resulted in lively discussions with very diverse perspectives and experiences.

— Corey Davis, MBA ’98

My [project] offered me an ideal opportunity to both share my talents and insights, and to connect with a nonprofit organization in my backyard. I have participated in several similar engagements over the years and with each deepened my commitment to this unique form of service.

— Glenn Evans, MBA ’91

Community Partners has been an exceptional opportunity for me to express my appreciation for my HBS education… I have worked on a variety of projects to help strengthen secondary school education in the New York metropolitan area, and have greatly enjoyed collaborating with fellow classmates in such creative and stimulating endeavors. I am a strong supporter of the transformative power of Community Partners!

— Julie Raynor Gross MBA ’80

What made the HBSCNY Community Partners project different from some of the field studies I had just done at HBS was that it included alumni of all ages… The project also created tremendous professional opportunity… Thanks in part to the experience and knowledge I gained on our project, I’m now the Executive Director of Gallim Dance, a fast-growing, not-for-profit, and wildly fun dance company here in New York.

— Meredith Hodges, MBA ’10

Community Partners projects present an ideal mix of attributes: meaningful engagement with the nonprofit community and fellow alumni, intellectual stimulation, variety, and the possibility of real impact.

— Clare Peeters, MBA ’00

As a retired CEO and Chairman Emeritus of a public corporation, I was eagerly looking for an activity that would be challenging and present an opportunity to contribute to the success of a worthwhile endeavor… The satisfaction and enjoyment I experienced [as a volunteer] exceeded my expectations… The pattern has been the same. Meeting new alumni, new management and new challenges. I am now a dedicated supporter of Community Partners.

— Len Polaner, MBA ’54

I learned a lot, met some great people and we all did our best to help [the] organization facing very difficult choices. Couldn’t have asked for a better project.

— Efrem Sigel, MBA ’68

Community Partners does an amazing job of pulling together the brightest minds to help organizations.

— Julia Sutton, OPM ’08

Getting a chance to help some local nonprofits has been very rewarding and a nice way to make new friends among the HBS alumni community.

— Brooks Tanner, MBA ’85

Are you an alum who has volunteered with Community Partners? Share your feedback with us!