Pro Bono Consulting

While our work is tailored to the specific needs of each nonprofit client, most of our projects fall into two categories: (1) traditional three or four month consulting engagements, and (2) one or more short-term brainstorming sessions.

Traditional Consulting

  • Comprehensive project, lasting approximately three or four months
  • Usually involves a team of three to seven or more HBS alumni,  including a volunteer team leader working with the Executive Director and key staff members of the nonprofit
  • Includes multiple meetings between the Community Partners team and the nonprofit, and independent work, as required, with individual nonprofit staff members
  • The team will work closely with the nonprofit to develop a project plan and schedule, and present their work at interim meetings and in a final report of findings and recommendations

Short-Term Brainstorming

  • A short-term, high-energy approach starting with an initial two- or three-hour brainstorming session and up to two follow-up meetings, as required
  • Involves a team of HBS alumni volunteers committed to generating breakthrough discussion and actionable recommendations
  • Focuses on a single, clearly-defined problem or a group of related issues
  • Can lead to a traditional consulting project